Annual Tour

Every year the OSBBC hosts an annual house/building tour.

This years tour will be held on Sunday Oct 6th 2013, from 10am -4pm. Admission to the self-guided tour is $10 per person, or by donation, and gains you admission to as many houses as you wish to visit on that day. For locations of the homes/buildings on the tour, go to the home page, (, and click on the thumbnail of the map. Each marker on the map is a location on the tour, and each marker offers a description of the home or building, so you can plan which places you'd like to see. This tour is the perfect opportunity to step right inside some natural buildings, see what they are like, and get honest feedback from the owners about all aspects of their homes. Most structures feature other "green" technologies as well, including solar and wind electricity, composting toilets, earthen plasters, green roofs, natural finishes and more innovations.

Tours during the rest of the year

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